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Remembering 9/11 and the Days That Followed

US Flags at Preble County Courthouse by Photographer Vincent Rush

US Flags at Preble County Courthouse by Photographer Vincent Rush


Today marks the 10 years anniversary of the terroristic attacks on the United States, simply referred to as “9/11” or our generations “Pearl Harbor”

The common question for the past 7 days, both in media and from associates has been, “Do you remember where you were or what you were doing on that day?”

Well, I think you’d be hard pressed to find an individual that doesn’t remember everything about that day.

My reply, this past week has been, “Of course I do. But what really stands out to me, more than anything else, were the days following the attacks”

I remember, that for the first few weeks, after the attacks, people being nicer to each other.

I remember kindness, patience, consideration and an overall attitude of servitude toward our fellow-man.

I was born in 1963, and for the first time in my life, I lived in a country where there was no race, no black and white.

I lived in a world where there were no rich or poor, haves or have not.

There were no Democrats or Republicans.

I lived in a world where we all had time for our families and appreciated all that God had blessed us with, taking nothing for granted.

Despite the incredible tragedy that our country had just lived through, America was one of the nicest places to live and everyone acted and treated one another as I believe God had intended for us to treat each other.

But just as time heals all wounds, scars fade and the pain becomes a distant memory

It’s a shame that we had to be united by a common enemy in such an evil way.

But what I remember most about that time, ten years ago, is that for a short time, we were all Americans, and proud of it.



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